Below you will find a detailed catalogue of our services:

1. Technical advice/technical services:

- certification of welders, laminates - according to TUV/UDT programs,
- laboratory analysis,

- assessment of technical condition,
-supervision / independent inspections during production,
- project management,
- preparation of documentation (design, quality);

uslugi techniczne

2. Maintenance services:

- carrying out leakage and pressure tests,
- installation of pipelines,
- supply of smart metering systems,
- servicing of pipelines, tanks and GRP/Termoplast apparatus,
- modernizations, inspections, maintenance, repairs;

uslugi serwisowe

3. We supply:

GRP/FRP tanks, silos,
- GRP pipe systems,
- GRP fittings,
- steel pipes, driling pipes, used pipes;

uslugi produkcyjne