Service/repair/modernization of PIX-PAX tanks.

Many companies in Poland use corrosive and hazardous substances in processes, technologies, production or as waste products. Excessive technical parameters of tanks on the one hand guarantee safety and continuity of work, but on the other hand, at the moment of failure they pose a real threat to human life and the environment. Devices of this type are subject to the regulations of the Office of Technical Inspection, which additionally obliges users to perform activities in accordance with the regulations.

Our company, in order to meet the expectations of the market, mainly in the field of sewage treatment (use of PIX/PAX), offers the following range of services:


- periodic inspections after 5, 10, 15 years of use

- tests in accordance with the scope of the PPAs

- ending with the issuance of a technical opinion


- services related to the partial or total reconstruction of internal chemically resistant coatings (based on vinylester/polyester resins or thermoplastic materials)


- services relating to the modernisation of existing tanks (addition, removal of stub pipes, surface repairs, renewal of external surfaces, repair of supports, etc.)


- services related to comprehensive repair of coatings, tank bottoms due to mechanical damage, etc. Including wall perforation)

All the above works are performed in accordance with the provisions of the Technical Inspection Office after prior preparation and acceptance of the modernization/repair technology in the relevant Office of Technical Inspection.

Work performed by personnel with appropriate qualifications.

Services performed in a comprehensive manner, including contact with the Office of Technical Inspection and possible assistance with leakage testing and putting the tank back into use.