PCS company, focusing on customer needs, introduces to its portfolio complete solutions for pipes and tubes of nickel alloys, pipes and tubes of stainless steel, pipes and tubes of welded stainless steel, titanium welded pipes and stainless steel pipes with protective coating.

stale specjalistyczne toruThe durability of stainless steel products is based on manufacturing products for critical applications by meeting rigorous requirements, which are then tested in a laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025. The products are supplied for special applications such as oil and gas, refinery and petrochemicals, low-temperature physics research (316ln), dairies, chemicals and fertilizers, heat, solar and nuclear energy, LNG, desalination, defence, aerospace, refrigeration and cooling, pulp and paper, automotive industry, etc. This makes the company an ideal choice for major EPC contractors, project owners and process licensors worldwide.







Types of materials used in the production process:
stale specjalistyczne rury

  • Austenitic stainless steel (welded and seamless pipes and tubes),
  • Super austenitic stainless steel (welded and seamless pipes and tubes),
  • Ferritic stainless steel (welded and seamless pipes),
  • Super ferritic stainless steel (welded pipes),
  • Martensitic stainless steel (seamless pipes),
  • Duplex stainless steel (seamless and welded pipes and tubes),
  • Super Duplex stainless steel (seamless and welded pipes and tubes),
  • Titanium (welded pipes),
  • Nickel alloys (seamless pipes),
  • Stainless steel seamless/welded tubes with external/internal coating,
  • Tubular and sheathed heat exchangers.






stale specjalistyczneApplication:

Oil and gas exploration

Petrochemicals and refineries

Fertiliser plantations

Chemical industry

Thermal, nuclear and solar power plants

Atomic energy

Desalination plantations

Aeronautics and cosmonautics



Food and dairy products



Paper industry

Maritime industry

Gas and water pipelines

Pipes for engineering purposes